Sean Pounds Clothing Alterations

Sean Pounds Tailoring can do your clothing alterations. With many years experience in repairing and altering garments no job is to big or small.

We repair Zips, alter trousers and suits. We also repair and adjust ladies clothing.

Many of our customers have quality expensive garments that no longer fit from jeans to suits, give us a call to book a fitting where we will discuss the alterations needed and how long it will take. 

For all clothing alterations in Northamptonshire call Sean Pounds Tailoring now.

Bespoke three piece suit in tweed

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Classic three piece suit made from Scottish thorn proof tweed with a stunning satin fancy lined waistcoat. We added an extra button hole to accommodate a fob watch for that traditional look. When ordering a bespoke suit we arrange a consultation at a convenient time for you where we will discuss your preferences and materials.

Notes and measurements are taken and gradually we make a stunning Bespoke suit or garment exclusively for you.

To see more images of this suit please click this link: Take me to this awesome suit.

GQ Article on Saville Row

"Of course, what the street is best known for is being the undeniable home of hand-crafted British bespoke - so called because when customers used to choose their cloth it was said to "be spoken for"

However, a recent influx of international designer labels and less historic tailors has opened up the street's offering to also include ready-to-wear and made-to-measure suiting"

Sean Pounds Bespoke tailor


Nick is Associate Style Editor of British GQ

Sean Pounds comes from a traditional tailoring background he learnt his trade working on military clothing and progressed to gentlemens wear. Today he is top of his game. If you are looking for a tailor in Northampton for Bespoke Suits made to top quality or any other bespoke clothing give Sean a call.

Cashmere garments

Have you ever wondered exactly what the term cashmere is related to? Interestingly Cashmere is classed as a luxury fabric for garments, but did you know that it originates from goats?  It is often designated as wool but is much finer and softer. Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton can create beautiful garments out of cashmere - for more information contact:

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Cashmere fabrics

What is Bespoke?

We use that term liberally but what are we saying? Well the term comes from an old fashioned saying when something was spoken for, when you reserve some cloth for a garment & then it is crafted for your shape and taste you have spoken for it or reserved that item, it is Bespoke. The word Bespoke at one time was exclusively used for Savile Row Tailors, now it is used for all sorts of industries to denote luxury and exclusivity.  Simply put a Bespoke Suit for example is a garment made form scratch, the customer chooses the cloths to be used he is measured and the garment is made for him by that tailor. Sean Pounds Tailoring makes Bespoke Suits and Garments of your choice in Northamptonshire.

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