Bespoke made suits in Northampton

Peronalise your Formal wear.

It is that time of the year again.                                                                                        Whether it is a Black Tie event or a Christmas Formal, Grand Ball or you are making an appearance as a VIP you need to look good. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd, well that is easy get a Bespoke Suit made. No one will have the same outfit, it will be well made to last a lifetime, and most importantly it will fit perfectly.  At Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton we have been making Bespoke Outfits for 30 years. Sean is a master at is craft. No matter what you are looking for in terms of material and styling it is possible with us. Book a consultation now.           

We also do clothing alterations in Northampton, so if you have that suit that has sentimental value but you have outgrown parts of it - Book an appointment now.           

Sean pounds Tailoring

We are open on Tuesdays

Due to high demand Sean Pounds Tailoring is open on Tuesdays again. So if your Jeans need altering or you are getting married and need a new Bespoke Suit in Northampton give Sean Pounds Bespoke Tailoring a call. Don't forget to ask about clothing alterations too.

Bespoke Tailoring & Clothing Alterations

Indulge yourself in pure luxury with Bespoke tailoring that is crafted to fit only you..

Enhance your body shape with clothes that highlight you in a way that no made to measure garment can.

Even to the untrained eye you will stand out as a connoisseur of fine tailored clothing.

We can create bespoke suits, shirts, jackets, trousers & coats.

Call Sean Pounds and make an appointment now.

Did you know Sean Pounds Tailoring can alter your quality items of clothing too?

From Jeans to Suits whether you would like them reshaped, relined, new zips or more.

Call Sean Pounds Tailoring now.

Bespoke Tailor Sean Pounds

Suit waistcoat being altered to fit customer.

Bespoke suits

When you buy a premium product there is a difference between the “run of the mill” and the upmarket product you have paid good money for. First of all this should be a good investment in terms of longevity it should ooze quality. The materials used should feel well made and meticulously put together. You expect it to last a long time.

Well it is those thought processes that go into making a bespoke suit but actually it goes even further.

Because although it is a premium product it is Bespoke meaning it is tailored exclusively for your whims & taste.

In fact you determine the quality of the materials by choosing the cloths, buttons, lining and of course the design.

We then work to an exclusively high standard to create a masterpiece that no one else will possess a suit like it.

A Sean Pounds Bespoke suit.

Call for more details.


Sean Pounds Tailoring also does clothing alterations call for more details 01604 519575

Bespoke three piece suit in tweed

tailors in Northampton

Classic three piece suit made from Scottish thorn proof tweed with a stunning satin fancy lined waistcoat. We added an extra button hole to accommodate a fob watch for that traditional look. When ordering a bespoke suit we arrange a consultation at a convenient time for you where we will discuss your preferences and materials.

Notes and measurements are taken and gradually we make a stunning Bespoke suit or garment exclusively for you.

To see more images of this suit please click this link: Take me to this awesome suit.

Cashmere garments

Have you ever wondered exactly what the term cashmere is related to? Interestingly Cashmere is classed as a luxury fabric for garments, but did you know that it originates from goats?  It is often designated as wool but is much finer and softer. Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton can create beautiful garments out of cashmere - for more information contact:

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Cashmere fabrics