Bespoke suits

When you buy a premium product there is a difference between the “run of the mill” and the upmarket product you have paid good money for. First of all this should be a good investment in terms of longevity it should ooze quality. The materials used should feel well made and meticulously put together. You expect it to last a long time.

Well it is those thought processes that go into making a bespoke suit but actually it goes even further.

Because although it is a premium product it is Bespoke meaning it is tailored exclusively for your whims & taste.

In fact you determine the quality of the materials by choosing the cloths, buttons, lining and of course the design.

We then work to an exclusively high standard to create a masterpiece that no one else will possess a suit like it.

A Sean Pounds Bespoke suit.

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Author: Sean-Pounds

I feel very fortunate to have found a profession which I enjoy as no two days are the same.
The goal is to make the customer look and feel good.
Tailoring is a dying art and I am pleased to be able to continue the tradition.
We can offer a full range of services from minor alterations through to making bespoke suits for both
Ladies and Gents.
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