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It has been a busy year with Bespoke wedding suits right through to the winter months. We would like to thank all our customers for their business and hope everyone is satisfied and happy with the work done.

Next year 2018 we have new ventures coming which we are excited about, more will be revealed in the spring.

Don't forget if you put on an extra bit of weight over Christmas come and see us for your clothing alterations and bespoke suits.

We wish everyone a happy holiday and see you next year.

Wedding bespoke suits

Bespoke made suits in Northampton

Peronalise your Formal wear.

It is that time of the year again.                                                                                        Whether it is a Black Tie event or a Christmas Formal, Grand Ball or you are making an appearance as a VIP you need to look good. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd, well that is easy get a Bespoke Suit made. No one will have the same outfit, it will be well made to last a lifetime, and most importantly it will fit perfectly.  At Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton we have been making Bespoke Outfits for 30 years. Sean is a master at is craft. No matter what you are looking for in terms of material and styling it is possible with us. Book a consultation now.           

We also do clothing alterations in Northampton, so if you have that suit that has sentimental value but you have outgrown parts of it - Book an appointment now.           

Sean pounds Tailoring

Affordable clothing alterations in Northampton


Bespoke Tailors Sean Pounds

We know that our customers are attached to certain items of clothing especially if it is an expensive garment or it has sentimental value. And so clothes can quite often sit in a wardrobe not being used because you have put on or lost a bit of weight.

Sometimes zips break, cloth gets ripped and so your favourite items end up in a draw or at the bottom of the wardrobe. Why not bring your clothes to us for alteration? If you think a Bespoke tailor is over kill to do your clothing alterations think again! Our main specialist work is doing alterations for our clients, no job is too small or large. Bring your wardrobe back to life, wear that special garment again by bringing it to us. And you will be surprised how competitively priced we are.

Sean Pounds Tailoring is a Northampton based tailor with a reputation for high quality work.

So if you live in Northampton or Northamptonshire and need advice on  clothes alteration give us a call.   01604 519575

Clothing Alterations in Northampton

  • Trousers - shortened
  • Trousers -lenghtened
  • Trousers - taken in/taken out
  • Skirts - shortened
  • Skirts - lengthened Skirts -taken in/taken out
  • Dresses - altered
  • Jackets - shortened/Lengthened plus sleeves altered
  • Coats - shortened or lengthened
  • Zips replaced
  • Buttons replaced 
  • Re-sew button holes
  • Replace hook and bar

We are open on Tuesdays

Due to high demand Sean Pounds Tailoring is open on Tuesdays again. So if your Jeans need altering or you are getting married and need a new Bespoke Suit in Northampton give Sean Pounds Bespoke Tailoring a call. Don't forget to ask about clothing alterations too.

Bespoke Tailoring & Clothing Alterations

Indulge yourself in pure luxury with Bespoke tailoring that is crafted to fit only you..

Enhance your body shape with clothes that highlight you in a way that no made to measure garment can.

Even to the untrained eye you will stand out as a connoisseur of fine tailored clothing.

We can create bespoke suits, shirts, jackets, trousers & coats.

Call Sean Pounds and make an appointment now.

Did you know Sean Pounds Tailoring can alter your quality items of clothing too?

From Jeans to Suits whether you would like them reshaped, relined, new zips or more.

Call Sean Pounds Tailoring now.

Bespoke Tailor Sean Pounds

Suit waistcoat being altered to fit customer.

Bespoke suits

When you buy a premium product there is a difference between the “run of the mill” and the upmarket product you have paid good money for. First of all this should be a good investment in terms of longevity it should ooze quality. The materials used should feel well made and meticulously put together. You expect it to last a long time.

Well it is those thought processes that go into making a bespoke suit but actually it goes even further.

Because although it is a premium product it is Bespoke meaning it is tailored exclusively for your whims & taste.

In fact you determine the quality of the materials by choosing the cloths, buttons, lining and of course the design.

We then work to an exclusively high standard to create a masterpiece that no one else will possess a suit like it.

A Sean Pounds Bespoke suit.

Call for more details.


Sean Pounds Tailoring also does clothing alterations call for more details 01604 519575

Clothing alterations Northampton

Here at Sean Pounds Tailoring we pride ourselves at being the ultimate in quality and service when it comes to your clothing. We only give a top service for all types of clothing that is bought to us.

We know how important it is that you look and feel immaculate in your clothes so we endeavour to be upright and honest in our appraisals but also we will make you look impeccable when you leave.

We do a fantastic clothing alteration service where we listen to our customers concerns whether is is a simple zip replacement right through to quality upmarket garments everybody gets the same quality of service.

So if you have garments that do not fit or ripped garments. Or maybe parts of the garment needs altering call us. Maybe pairs of jeans that do not fit bring them to us.

Are you a larger size needing clothing altered or  adjustments?

We can cater for all.

For a free consultation for clothing alteration please contact us.

We also make Bespoke clothing including Suits for Men & Women plus jackets, Shirts or most items of clothing.


Designer Jeans?

We all have a range of Jeans in our wardrobe from our favourite brand. But do yours fit? Did you know you can get your jeans altered? Rather than leave your  jeans sitting in the wardrobe visit us at Sean Pounds tailoring we do all kinds of clothing alterations not just tailoring. Give us a call now. 01604 519575