Bespoke tailoring in decline

Britain is one of the worlds leaders in fashion and design. But like many prestigious occupations Bespoke Tailors are in decline, Youngsters are not reaching out to learn this valuable craft. Bespoke tailoring skill level is high, the number of years to master this trade is many. With modern technology and the desire to have quick recognition in the limelight, teenagers are less likely to take up this craft.

Despite this luxury tailoring still carries on because of the demand for high quality luxury 1 off garments.  If you are looking for something of quality and uniqueness come and see us at Sean Pounds Tailoring. 01604 519575

Bespoke Tailors

Sean Pounds

Exclusive ties and bow ties

At Sean Pounds we have been busy producing these short run handmade ties. 

Some of the tie materials comes from cloth mills who are appointed by Her Majesty.

They are limited runs (approx 3 -5) and will be available soon.

To express interest in our ongoing ranges please email us at

Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton

Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton. 

It has been a busy year with Bespoke wedding suits right through to the winter months. We would like to thank all our customers for their business and hope everyone is satisfied and happy with the work done. Next year 2018 we have new ventures coming which we are very excited about.So watch this space.

Sean Pounds

British Ready to Wear Suits Coming Soon

Bespoke three piece suit in tweed

Classic three piece suit made from Scottish thorn proof tweed with a stunning satin fancy lined waistcoat. We added an extra button hole to accommodate a fob watch for that traditional look. When ordering a bespoke suit we arrange a consultation at a convenient time for you where we will discuss your preferences and materials.

Notes and measurements are taken and gradually we make a stunning Bespoke suit or garment exclusively for you.

Bespoke suits Northampton

Sean Pounds Tailoring can be found in St Giles Street Northampton in Montague Jeffrey’s shop.  Sean has 30 years experience in Tailoring and undertakes everything from all types of alterations to Bespoke Suits for Men & Ladies.

I feel very fortunate to have found a profession which I enjoy as no two days are the same.
The goal is to make the customer look and feel good.
Tailoring is a dying art and I am pleased to be able to continue the tradition.
We can offer a full range of services from minor alterations through to making bespoke suits for both
Ladies and Gents.
Please call for a no obligation consultation.