Bespoke Suit Tailor

Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton

We have a range of handmade ties to complement the Bespoke suits. These have been handmade by Sean Pounds and come in 2 – 4 offs meaning they are limited so you are unlikely to see them elsewhere. Please ask about our range of ties when you next visit Sean Pounds Tailoring.

Bespoke Suits Tailor

Sean pounds Tailoring makes quality bespoke clothing, trained to make army uniforms in his apprentice days he has now been tailoring for 30 years or more. 

So what do you need to look out for when employing the services of a tailor? 

  1. Get to know each other well, both Tailor and client, because he will be creating  your personal style both now and into the future.
  2. Tell him about your life style what you want to achieve with your new investment.
  3. Make sure you allow much time to be measured and fitted, this is crucial to get the fit and look you want. 
  4. Choose the cloth and lining carefully, do not make quick decisions, consider how it will look in the long term and listen to your tailors advice.
  5. Be available for all the fitting appointments these are like stepping stones for the ultimate garment.
  6. Enjoy !!                                                                    Sean Pounds Tailoring Northampton is available by appointment only so call 01604 519575 to book now.  Don’t forget we do clothing alterations and cater for large sizes too.